Comply with laws, regulations and rules and regulations, abide by the employee code of conduct, and establish a good image and goodwill for the company. Honesty and trustworthiness, words and deeds, face up to success and failure, do not shirk responsibility, with practical actions, respect and trust of customers and colleagues.


Focus on goals and overall interests, and work together with internal and external personnel to achieve company goals. Based on the development of the company, implement the management idea, find the problem and promote the solution of the problem through some channels.

good at learning

Keep an open mind, be serious and learn from the experience and strengths of others. Objectively evaluate yourself, your ability, constantly improve your work, and pursue high performance. Broaden the field of vision, pay attention to enterprises, and actively apply valuable experience and practices to practice.


With a good professionalism, a strong sense of professionalism and a consistent professional attitude towards work, the high efficiency of the completion of the task. Hard work, down-to-earth, in the light of difficulties, perseverance, and never give up until the goal is reached.


Not conservative, conventional thinking to introduce new ideas, new mechanisms, new technologies, new business, dare to change. Be good at actively looking for opportunities in some environments and conditions, grasping opportunities and seeking development. Keep pace with the times, push through the old and bring forth the new, actively practice, and create value for customers and enterprises.


Adhere to the concept of pursuing high performance goals, continue to work, do not do it, do it will be done. Understand and agree with the company's strategy, set the same and high goals as the company's development direction, and make unremitting efforts for it.