Core technology is the key to intelligent industrial development

Construction machinery and intelligent industrial equipment

Construction machinery and intelligent industrial equipment
Construction machinery is an important part of the Chinese equipment industry. In a nutshell, the mechanical equipment necessary for the construction of earth and stone construction, pavement construction and maintenance, mobile lifting and unloading operations and various mechanized construction projects required for various construction projects is called construction machinery.
The intelligent industry integrates various types of terminals with environmental awareness, ubiquitous-based computing models, and mobile communications into all aspects of industrial production, greatly improving manufacturing efficiency, improving product quality, and reducing product costs and resource consumption. Traditional industries have been upgraded to a new stage of intelligence. In general, the realization of intelligent industry is based on the penetration and application of Internet of Things technology, and combined with advanced manufacturing technology in the future to form a new intelligent manufacturing system. In short, intelligent industry is a physical device, computer network, A new industrial system in which the human brain wisdom merges with each other and the Trinity.
First of all, unlike engineering machinery, which can be applied directly, industrial robots must be integrated with the production line system. Secondly, foreign leading brands have different attitudes towards rising domestic brands. Construction machinery has not been suppressed by large foreign companies, and domestic industrial robots are full of competition from the beginning. Third, construction machinery is a standardized product, and industrial robots are mostly customized products. Fourth, the customer base is different and the sales methods are different. Construction machinery is mainly for individual customers; industrial robots are mainly for business users.
Core technology becomes the key to development breakthrough
The signals of industrial revolution in developed countries such as Germany, Germany and Japan have sounded the alarm for Chinese manufacturing. China's economic and industrial restructuring, rising labor costs, declining labor supply and national policy support are helping the industrial intelligent industry to grow rapidly. Intelligent equipment with customized features will promote the transformation of China's manufacturing industry.
In the past ten years, benefiting from the big investment era and mechanization of engineering construction, it is the era of great development of China's construction machinery industry. In the next ten years or even longer, China will usher in a new round of human replacement, namely industrial intelligence, and industrial intelligent equipment will usher in spring.
The improvement of the cost performance of the robot body is the key. In the short term, government support is an opportunity to rely on core components for a long time. At present, if imported core components are used, the cost of industrial robots in China is higher than that of foreign brands. The main reason for the cost of domestic brands is higher than that of foreign brands. The core components are subject to people. The weak core components of China's robots are due to the impact of basic technology strength. On the other hand, they are also affected by the scale of domestic mainframe production, and the market demand is insufficient to support the core. Parts development.
For robots and core components enterprises, the introduction of talents and technology will be an important means to improve the technical level of products. Therefore, the talent competition between domestic enterprises and foreign leaders and domestic enterprises will accompany the development of the industry for many years to come. For system integration enterprises, the market and customer channels are important competitive advantages, and it is especially important to establish a first-mover advantage in a segmented industry.
At present, China's industrial robots are in the early stage of development, the industrial chain is gradually improving, and the two modes of integrated industrial chain integration and upstream and downstream division of labor and cooperation are developing in parallel. We believe that the development of industrial intelligence is the basis for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and it will develop rapidly in the future. For the industrial robot market, the system integration market is the main breakthrough point for domestic companies in the short term. In the long run, the development of domestic industrial robots depends on core technology breakthroughs to improve cost performance.