Metal Mesh has jumped on the table to become a trend

Beijing time on January 02 news, China touch screen network news, before talking about Metal Mesh, we still have to spend some space to talk about ITO film (Indium Tin Oxides Film).

Beijing time on January 02 news, China touch screen network news, before talking about Metal Mesh, we still have to spend some space to talk about ITO film (Indium Tin Oxides Film). ITO is indium tin oxide; Displaybank has pointed out that mainland China restricts the production of indium, and nearly 50% of ITO film is controlled by Nitto Denko, and other Japanese companies such as Oike, Teijin, Toyobo, etc., a series of chain effects lead to ITO Film prices remain high. ITO film accounts for nearly 40% of the cost of touch screen production. Therefore, when promoting low-cost touch NB, manufacturers will start to find a viable alternative, or adopt an ITO film that is “economical, affordable, easy to use and not expensive”. A task for control panel manufacturers. When thin-film touch panels such as GFF are hot, ITO film demand is rising, but it is clearly Japanese companies. For example, Taiwan's Yanghua, basically they also use Japanese goods, only their own downstream customers are eager to get goods, but when the upstream ITO film is too late to supply, or when the downstream customers are positioned at the low end, Occasionally choose to take the film material of the Taiwanese Yinghui. The same logic can also be applied to the mainland, and in some special cases, the film material of Wanshun will be used.
    Metal Mesh is clearly a way for the thin-film touch panel to break through the long-term monopoly of ITO film. The cross-strait enterprises with Metal Mesh's technical reserves are obviously Ou Feiguang, Yang Hua, and interface. Some people say that the Metal Mesh user experience is not in place, it is impossible to become a trend. ITO film is still the mainstream of the film touch panel technology; but both Yanghua and the interface said that Metal Mesh can reduce the cost by up to 40% compared with the ITO process, and has obtained Quanta and Compal's two major OEM/ODM factories introduced touch NB, and Yanghua even said that the 2014 market continued to look good, and Ou Feiguang was in the leading position.
    Metal Mesh says it's a conductive material that is organized into a grid of very thin metal wires, a bit like a grill or a badminton racket, and then these metal lines are placed on the touch sensor. The substrate is still PET film. . The purpose of the metal lines is to replace the traditional ITO film, which is the conductive material of Nitto Denko.
    In the era of mainstream glass technology, it was because the impedance of the glass touch sensor was about 50-100 Ω, and the impedance of the thin-film touch sensor was even 150 Ω. As you know, the impedance is too high, there will be more noise, that is, the signal source has more interference, which is one of the main reasons why the early Apple products will adopt the glass solution. Later, due to the improvement of IC design capability and the improvement of the quality of touch ITO film, the impedance problem of the thin-film touch panel under 10.1 inches has been solved, so Samsung and other low-end and mainland white-brand mobile phones adopt GFF. Solution, Apple iPad mini uses GF2 program, Microsoft Surface also uses G1F, these are all thin film touch panel technology.
    The amount of membrane technology used by brand factories has increased, and the price of Japanese ITO films with better quality has also increased. As a result, the number of manufacturers with unpleasant ITO film over-concentration has increased, and factories have devoted some of their energy to the development of Metal Mesh. Metal Mesh has a low impedance advantage, about 5-10Ω, which is 10% of glass. Therefore, OGS is not only facing the trend of brand NB adopting GFF, but also facing Metal Mesh's double competition in the large size field of NB and AIO.
    Metal Mesh is much better than ITO film because of its conductivity and resistance value. Therefore, it is widely believed that it is a bright spot for alternative materials, but Metal Mesh may not perform well, and the user experience may be poor (but we feel it personally) However, there is no such thing as a bad one, but it has the advantage of larger size and more competitive cost. Therefore, the industry believes that when the size is enlarged to 15 inches, the cost will be equivalent to that of OGS. Further, AIO products of 17 inches or more will be More obvious cost advantages, so each family actively reserves relevant technology, so Metal Mesh seems to have leapt to the stage to become a trend, although the trend is not equal to the mainstream.
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